How to Connect Your Yamaha Keyboard to Your MAC

With the help of the latest technology, it is so much easier for musicians and songwriters these days to have their music laid in and recorded. With all the software and tools available out there, they can certainly make music in no time.

Most song writer that has been experience training in Melbourne life coaching had the ability to compose a quality music because they are provided with techniques to encourage people.

As a songwriter, you will never know when an inspiration will kick in for you to create a song so it is better that you are always ready with a recorder. With that you can easily record the melody and even the lyrics of the song that came into your mind.

You can then have the music formally laid in to your computer as soon as you get home. If songwriting is something that you do for a living or if you really want to make it in the professional world, then we suggest that you get a MAC for a computer.

It has a built in software called the Garage Band that will easily help you record your instruments and your voice in no time. All that you will need is your instrument plugged in and have it connected to the computer.

Today we’ll teach you how to have your Yamaha keyboard connected to your MAC. First, you have to purchase a MIDI USB cable especially made for Yamaha keyboards. You can find that in your nearest music store.

You cannot buy those ordinary plug-in cables to be connected directly to the MAC as it will not be read by the computer. It must be in USB format.

Once you have it, you can already connect it and the MAC will immediately detect the MIDI plugged in. You can go to Garage Band and click on “New Project”, then choose “Piano”. From there you will be asked to name your song, just type in the title and click “Create”.

Before you start recording, go to the Garage Band tab and click on “Preferences”. Go to “Audio/Midi” and choose USB Keyboard for the “Input”.

You can then start laying in the piano sound by hitting the record button. You can stop the recording by pressing the space bar.

The advantage of having a midi plugged in from your Yamaha keyboard to your MAC is that you will have a cleaner recording of your music maintaining the quality of its sound. Plus a music sheet can already be printed directly from Garage Band as it detects all the notes played from your keyboard.

More piano related tips on our next articles. Stay tuned!