The Genius Of The Leapfrog See And Learn Piano Toy

The leapfrog see and learn piano is a musical learning toy for children aged six months and above. It is designed with a mixture play of musical sound and colored lights for the baby’s delight.

Playing this multifaceted toy also facilitates the development of intellectual, emotional and motor skills of toddlers and children. It has four piano-like keys at the base and a mode switch on the upper toy part.

The musical note shaped switch takes the toy into various modes ranging from the learning mode, the mistake-free music mode and the free-play mode. It consists also of four personality buttons which include Tad the pianist, Leap the saxophonist, Lily the flutist and Casey the banjo player.

When set at the free-play mode, these four personality buttons when pressed would produce the sound of the musical instrument they represent. The child playing could then press any of the piano-like keys at the toy base and make music using the various musical instrument sounds.

When set at the learn mode, the various piano-like keys marked with different colors and shaped would then speak out the corresponding shape and color when pressed by the child. For example when the key marked with a red circle is pressed once, the toy would speak and say “red circle”.

When pressed for the second time it would speak and describe the roundness of the circle shape and liken it to a wheel for the children to better understand the concept of a circular shape. The other keys do the same for the shape and color they represent thus giving a good dose of pre-school learning for a toddler. Such is the genius of the leapfrog see and learn piano musical learning toy.