Grand Piano: An Art In Itself

The allure, beauty, and elegance of a grand piano can never be denied. It is something that will captivate us every time we see and hear it. When you walk into a room and you see the musical instrument, you cannot help but be tempted to caress its smooth finish. You just have to press the keys to hear the beautiful sound each stroke of key produces.

Some people who never play and have no intention of even playing buy such an instrument just to use it as a centerpiece in the room. Whenever you see pictures of mansions, there is always a grand piano in the center of a very spacious living room. It truly completes the look of a sophisticated and extravagant space.

These pianos do not come cheap, and the prices could go up to a hundred thousand, especially if the instrument is made by Steinway & Sons which are known for their high-quality pianos.

The good thing about this kind of musical instrument is that it depreciates very little as time passes by. It is an investment piece that will last for decades, as long there is upkeep and regular maintenance of the unit.

They are indeed works of art and you can truly see their attention to detail . All of the parts, inside and out, are carefully and painstakingly arranged and installed to create this timeless instrument. This is why the instrument does not come cheap.

When you have this kind of musical instrument, you need to take care of it. Regularly clean the exterior using a gentle cloth, without the use of abrasive chemicals. Never tinkle with the inside of the grand piano. Let the experts handle it if you think something is wrong.

Usually, they come with warranty and you can have the unit serviced for preventive maintenance and repairs. You should only transact with the makers themselves so that your investment will be in good hands. Never let anyone else tamper with it.

Even though they are works of art, a piano must be used so that you can appreciate it more. If you do not know how to play, have an instructor teach you how to play it so that the instrument will not remain useless. A beautiful piano is a piano that is used. Let it serve its purpose so that you, your family, and the people around you can enjoy the music that comes out of it.

World’s Costliest Piano

The moment you step right into the door of Mason and Hamlin’s piano shop, there is only one word that you could think of- LOVE. Passionate musicians will have that desire in their hearts to just run their hands down on its black and white keys due to its beauty. Just like Tasmanian landscape photographers to their cameras and wide-angle lenses.

And even if you are not a piano player or any musician, the moment you gaze your eyes upon this shop’s pianos; you will have the urge to get yourself schooled to give you reasons to take home one and play with it. Even a tattoo artist would want to learn the keys to be able to play on one of these beauties.

The craftsmanship of this company’s pianos was made to be unique that it has a Crown Retention System. It is the only one in the industry that possesses it and hence its image of being totally different from other piano manufacturers has been established.

This system allows the preservation of the crown soundboard maintaining the piano’s original powerful tone in its whole life span. It is patented and designed for the company alone by Richard W. Gertz back in 1900.

The features of their pianos are all in excellence when it comes to the heavy case ribs, the thick hard rock made in maple rims and the eastern white spruce soundboard. These are all unique materials that you can’t just find in an ordinary piano.

You can trust that all their products are built to be durable. This is something that your next generation will still possess and appreciate, as it will have the same quality of sound that it has from the time that it was first purchased as long as you take care of it as well.

It was historically prominent to be the world’s most expensive piano to build. Its production was carefully made intricately dealing with the monitoring of the conditioning of each material that could affect its moisture content.

Mason and Hamlin’s pianos are definitely worth your investment. They are giving a lifetime warranty for their products because that’s how sure they could deliver all your expectations.

Its design alone will capture your heart and wait until you get to fully experience as you play on its keys. It’s a must to take it home and trust us that as a musician, this is worth every penny that you will spend.

Think about it and start saving for the piano of your dreams. Visit Mason & Hamlin today and have an encounter with one of the world’s masterpieces.