Steinway Piano Bench For Expensive Instrument

As the huge musical instrument would move from owner to owner, the constant movement and scraping against the floor as the bench is pushed in and out leads to excessive scratches and wear and tear on the bench.   These conditions create a need for the replacement of the bench.

The piano is a special musical instrument that has the display of elegance and sophistication.   Likewise, it needs a good piano bench to pair with the design of the piano itself.     Steinway piano bench is known for its quality because of its superior maple hardwood.

Specifically, Steinway piano bench got its name because the most popular, elegant and well-known pianos in the world are made by Steinway & Sons.    This name in piano making puts them on top-of-the-line instruments for over 150 years.

However, Steinway & Sons is solely a piano manufacturer and they have an exclusive contract with Jansen & Son for making piano benches.    Therefore, if you are looking for a piano bench bearing the quality name Steinway, you are availing for Jansen piano benches.

You can find these quality piano benches with the superior quality materials as well as the artistic design benches that could match the exact elegance and leg style of your piano.     Likewise, Steinway piano bench has the wood top bench that is renowned for its elegance meant to last for many years.    You are placing the piano bench next to a multi-thousand dollar instrument.

When the piano is the principal object of your room, you want to put something that will have the luxury look next to it and that is the Steinway piano bench.

The Artist Jansen Piano Bench

The Jansen Artist Bench is the best Jansen piano bench available today. It is made with maple hardwood legs and frame and it comes with good-quality leather or vinyl upholstery. The “Micro-A-Just” has been perfected over the past few decades and has the most accurate height adjustment.

The standard Artist bench weighs 45 pounds. The upholstery is a diamond-tufted design. The foam is thick and comfortable. This particular bench comes in 9 leg styles to allow you to match with the leg design of your piano.

The wood paint finishing is available in Ebony, Walnut, Mahogany, White, Ivory, Red Mahogany and Unfinished, in either a satin wood or hi-gloss lacquer finish.

The adjustable feature is helpful because it allows you to achieve the most comfortable height for playing. It is ideal for children and adults alike because the height ranges from 18” to 21”. This adjustable feature also helps you achieve the proper posture for a better performance.

This Jansen piano bench is also available in duet or petite sizes. Each size has its own specific set of measurements while retaining the same features that make this piano bench superior to the rest.

The best features of this piano bench are the quality of the materials, the elegant look, wide range of styles to complement the piano, and the reasonable price.